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Sandlin Technique

Virginia Sandlin, a seventh generation Cherokee mystic was initiated in and taught this healing modality by her grandmother, also a mystic, who was employed as the head of nursing at a county hospital. People would journey from great distances to "the Cherokee woman," to receive the benefits from this natural way of stimulating the body's healing processes which often produced dynamic and permanent changes regarding the most challenging and dire cases. This knowledge was passed down to Virginia making her responsible for venerating and preserving the wisdom of her ancestors.

Virginia synthesized and developed the Sandlin Technique, a gentle, hands-on modern bodywork methodology that helps to align, rehabilitate, strengthen and reintegrate all systems and structures for the purpose of accelerating and supporting the body's innate healing mechanisms. All systems and structures of the body become more unified, integrated and harmonious in their interaction due to the release of trapped energy which can be occurring on various levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Any blocks will eventually result in feelings of incompleteness/deficiency which an individual may or may not be consciously aware of.

First addressed is the skeletal system, as this is our foundational and most solid structure. A skeletal system that is out of alignment can produce a cascading affect and create distortions and blockages in other areas of the body, i.e. the muscles, connective tissues, organs. After this system has been freed-up, the muscles and internal organs are able to function better due to improved movement, circulation and energy flow.

Next in line, working from the outward body structure inward, are the muscles and connective tissues. This is the layer where often any negative residual effects of trauma may be trapped, creating energetic obstructions on the physical and emotional levels. As the body releases blockages, all functions are improved resulting in a more coherent, harmonious, integrated state of awareness and being. The energetic patterns imprinted at the cellular level from trauma are freed. This enables one to experience a sense of being more complete, integrated, balanced and grounded.

The Sandlin Technique teaches the practitioner to listen and follow the wisdom of the client's body, as it is the best guide in informing the practitioner what is required for each individual and each session. Along with being simple to receive, it is a safe, elegant and highly effective modality which can be utilized for a great variety of health issues. This approach is also excellent for those wishing to sustain an already superb state of health and wellness.