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CranioSacral Therapy

A safe, natural and effective bodywork modality for integrating the physical and energy bodies, CranioSacral Therapy is rooted in ancient hands-on healing traditions. This gentle therapy aids in the release of pain, reduction of stress and elimination of the negative residual effects of trauma. It improves the environment in which the Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) functions by promoting the release of structural and energetic restrictions within the CranioSacral System and throughout the tissues and organs of the body.

The system is composed of all the bones in the cranium and face, the spine, a waterproof membrane system covering the spinal cord and supporting the brain, and cerebrospinal fluid circulating within the membrane barrier. The CranioSacral System supports, nourishes and protects the brain and spinal cord. Restrictions and/or tension in the system or from other areas of the body that are referred into it can form a variety of dysfunctions due to the fact that the brain and spinal cord constitute the foundation of the Central Nervous System--the master controller of the body.

Hands That Listen
The CranioSacral Therapist is trained to "listen" with his/her hands to the special CranioSacral rhythm formed by the flow of cerebrospinal fluid throughout the membrane barrier portion of the system. This is reflected in the body's connective tissues and can be palpated anywhere on the body. The therapist acts to facilitate the release of blocked areas (where energy is stagnant and not flowing). These may occur in the soft tissues--muscles, tendons, fascia, and even within organs--lungs, liver, etc. Once the blocks are released, the affected tissues/organs can function at an improved level from the increase in energy flow and circulation.

Tissue Release
After locating the primary tissue restriction(s), a light, easy pressure is applied. This touch actually supports and goes with the restriction enabling the body to first acknowledge its existence and then to release it. The tissue release may be accompanied by a therapeutic pulsing action, increase in heat locally, softening and spreading of the affected region, and an expansion in energy flow locally and/or globally. The releasing process may last several minutes or longer.

Cellular Memory/Somato-Emotional Release
Past traumas, both physical and emotional may re-surface with tissue release. This indicates that past experiences have been imprinted and stored within the body. These experiences may have involved suppressed and isolated feelings that originally occurred against a terrain of physiologically negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, etc. Release of retained trauma generally passes through a client's conscious awareness at the time of the S.E.R. experience. In some cases the person may have recall of the original situation at a later date. Although it can be difficult, the somato-emotional release of stored negative experiences is exceedingly beneficial to the healing process.

After The Session
Many people report feeling very relaxed after a session. Often they feel lighter--physically, mentally and emotionally. Some have a degree of discomfort--some pain/aches, lack of energy, fatigue, and increased emotional states for a day or so following a session.
This is a positive sign that the body is letting go of old, dormant energy. It is possible that some may feel no change at all even though their body has initiated a releasing process. All of the above is within the acceptable parameters of experience after a session.

Who Can Receive CST?
Almost anyone from infants to the elderly can enjoy the health enhancing benefits of CranioSacral Therapy. Applied skillfully, it is extremely safe and one of the least invasive manual therapies available.