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Lymph System Revitalization

The Lymph System is the body's primary and most important detoxification mechanism. It is comprised of a variety of structures which includes lymph capillaries, vessels and trunks, lymph nodes, ducts, and specialized cells. This system plays a prominent role in maintaining a clean internal environment at the cellular level and is essential for drainage of all the internal organs. By acting as a "shadow circulatory system" it aids in balancing and reducing the build-up of toxins and excess fluid. The system executes a crucial role in immune function and acts as the body's natural "fountain of youth" in helping to prevent disease and premature aging.

While stimulation of the system can be done via a manual technique (Manual Lymph Drainage), this requires more sessions, time and money.
At Vital Health Solutions we offer the most advanced, updated methods of Lymph System Revitalization.

We employ one of two machines which, guided by a skilled and experienced practitioner, act to gently stimulate and enhance functioning of the system. These machines utilize either photon (light particle) energy to break up the accumulated protein wastes within the system or mechanical energy to physically augment and support the performance of lymph vessels, trunks and nodes. Both methods effectively provide timely removal of toxins and excess fluid from the body. These devices are extremely gentle, often producing noticeable results from the first session.
They are placed on the skin and are non-invasive. As a comparison, it can take approximately 5-8 manual sessions to equal the results of one session with either machine.

After your session: depending on your health status the following indications may or may not occur: fatigue (a natural reaction to the detoxification process), moodiness, changes in sleep patterns, dreams and appetite, darker urine (release of toxins), a feeling of lightness and overall well-being, improved energy levels, a calm, very relaxed, alert state, and being more "grounded" and comfortable in your body.

By regularly enhancing and maintaining excellent functioning of the lymph system, you will be going a long way toward keeping the internal environment of your body healthy and in pristine condition. This, along with a very good diet and appropriate exercise, can help prevent the seeding of many disease processes and accelerate your journey in creating and enjoying a supreme state of vibrant health.